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The triad of cooperation, international exchange and integration between the institutions of the consortium for the promotion and improvement of higher education in the partner countries is conceived as a new norm in the global experience of academic learning and training (Feuer & Hornidge, 2015). If reference is made to a political trend or direction, mention should be made of internationalization, Europeanization and globalization (eg the general descriptions in Blumenthal et al., 1996; De Wit 2002; Wachter 1999). What is promoted from interregional cooperation in the project is the strengthening of a growing role of long-distance transport of knowledge in higher education from the program countries to associated countries, plus a complex scenario of multilevel actors, This is where exchanges with the consortium's EU member states (Spain, Finland, France and Italy) come into play, where capacity development will be promoted, through the exchange of experiences and good teaching practices, as well as mobility, with partner countries (Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic). Investments in higher education, to promote competitiveness and economic growth, have stimulated Higher Education leaders to seek ways to effectively use available resources to increase quality and efficiency in Higher Education, especially in program countries. A widely advocated strategy to achieve this is through increased regional cooperation and cross-border collaboration between HEIs (both from and between program countries and partner countries) as well as with professional institutions. Such partnerships should include student and faculty exchanges, joint and dual degree programs, university peer twinning, and the formation of university networks. This project provides operational recommendations to support participating HEIs in the search for interregional cooperation and cross-border collaboration in the development of higher education, specifically that aimed at the training of teachers of compulsory education (primary education and secondary education) .