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The countries of the European Union consortium, as well as, especially, the associated countries work in a coordinated and horizontal way, to:

  • Activity 1: Analysis of the main characteristics of compulsory education teacher training in each country and university.
  • Activity 2: Comparison of teacher training models among the participating countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.
  • Activity 3: Creation of quality assurance systems and protocols for teacher training qualifications, as well as instruments and indicators that allow both the evaluation and the assurance of good training practices in the participating institutions.
  • Activity 4: Exchange of good training practices, capacity building and synergies between the program countries and the partners, to stimulate the internationalization of higher education for compulsory education teachers.

The target groups that will benefit after developing the planned activities, in order to meet their needs, are the following:

  • The HEIs of the different countries of the consortium, especially of the associated countries.
  • Higher education teachers.
  • The students in training.
  • Compulsory education students (primary education and secondary education) who will be trained with future teachers in training in non-university educational centers.